Bike Rack Records Volume 2


No 80’s music or video in today’s post, but over the past six months I have been involved in a very cool music project in Northwest Arkansas.  I’m a banker by day so the community bank I work for (shout out FNBNWA) has partnered with a local brewery (shout out Bike Rack Brewing) to support Bike Rack Records Volume 2.  There was a Bike Rack Records Volume 1 before we were ever involved, but Volume 2 was just released and it featured 10 Arkansas artists performing original songs.  The album can be found streaming and was produced by Haxton Road Studios.

Because of my love of music and writing, I was asked to participate in the social media campaign to help promote each of these artists.  Over this time I have interviewed each act and used their words in a 200-300 post on social media to help promote the album and to help promote the artist.

A few weeks ago was the official album release party held at a local venue called The Meteor in downtown Bentonville.  All 10 artists were present and performed.  They all performed their song that’s on the album but also two or three other songs of their choice, and what an awesome event it was.

I love local music and I love to help support it however I can.  I’ve attended shows, I’ve donated cash, I’ve bought merch, and I’ve streamed their songs on Spotify and Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and watched their videos on YouTube.  I want to help this music ecosystem grow.  I love the potential of the area and I want to continue to be part of it.  You can see all of my posts on the artists either on my Instagram page or on Bike Rack Brewery’s Instagram page.  Also, check out the following acts on Insta, FB, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. for some great local sounds:

Rap artist Lawrence Jamal

Fellow Fayetteville-based rapper Jeremiah Pickett aka “BAANG”

Little Rock R&B singer and rapper Sean Fresh

Little Rock singer artist Bijoux

Little Rock Rock & Soul artists Dazz & Brie

Indie rock band Willowack

Fayetteville native and soulful Randall Shreve

Joplin-based indie rock band Me Like Bees

Singer/songwriter/KC-ballcap-wearing Cameron Johnson

And the always clever, talented (much more than a party-band) Goose

Some photos and videos from the event can be found on my Facebook page


As always, thanks for reading, and go support your local music scene.


the 80’s

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