“Take Me Now, We Can Spin Around the Sun”

“And the stars will all come out.” – Foo Fighters

I’ve seen the Foo Fighters in concert three times. I didn’t think much of them in the late 90’s when they first came upon the scene. I just thought – oh that’s nice, it’s Nirvana’s former drummer and he has a little band now. I really started listening to them about seven or eight years ago thanks to a few friends that are much bigger fans (shout out Joe Moe and Trey).

The first Foos concert I went to was all about seeing Dave Grohl and the seemingly sophisticated and cool former part-time Nirvana bandmate to his left, Pat Smear. After that first concert though, drummer Taylor Hawkins was quickly added to one of the many reasons to see the Foo Fighters again.

Born in Ft. Worth, but raised in Laguna Beach, Hawkins looked every bit the part of someone who just wrapped up a set of swells with his buddies in the Pacific, threw on a tank top, and hopped off of his board and immediately into the drummer’s seat directly behind Dave ready to go.

You or I might not have known Taylor personally, but just watching his infectious smile and his limbs flail away at the drums like a human Animal from the Muppets, you couldn’t help but think if you ever ran into him on the streets he’d turn out to be one of the coolest people ever, and end up being your friend for life. And that’s seemingly what happened when Dave Grohl met the then Alanis Moressette drummer back in the mid 90’s and invited him to join the band. Eight studio albums later and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2021, Foo Fighters with Taylor Hawkins on drums reached the pinnacle of music success.

And what a ride it was.

“You believe there’s something else
To relieve your emptiness”

Like any band, the members have/had their favorite songs to play. Taylor was once quoted saying that “Aurora” was one of his most favorite Foo songs saying: “That was the first drum track that I ever did for the Foo Fighters that I was really, really proud of… .”

I can see why especially at about the six minute mark when it just becomes two “spirit animals” and “best friends” jamming with each other – one on guitar and one on drums oblivious to everyone else around them. My sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of Taylor Hawkins. He was just 50 years old.

And it’s on and on
And on and on and on

Hell yeah, they’ll remember you too Taylor.


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1 Response to “Take Me Now, We Can Spin Around the Sun”

  1. Steve Myers says:

    I’m glad he made it past the infamous 27 club. Great tribute. Your description of him going from the swells to tank top to drums is awesome.

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