“Step Inside. Walk This Way”

You and me babe. Hey! Hey!” – Def Leppard

Sometimes these little combinations of letters that form words can be insufficient.  I wish I could adequately describe how I see you.  At this stage of life, you’re more beautiful than ever.  Of course, I see you right now – bashfully shaking your head in objection, asking why I would say that, trying to deflect the compliment, thinking of all the things you haven’t done right.  But you represent a beautiful portrayal for a life, for my life.  You’re an unwavering soul of God’s love poured out into this world.  Perfect?  None of us fit that description, but your imperfection is what makes life with you so worthwhile.   

Time can feel like a rapid descent down a children’s slide.  While some only focus on the rapidly approaching destination, you enjoy the ride – hands raised and free.  You live in the moment, and I love that about you.  For over 20 years that I have known you, you never miss an opportunity to say I love you or an opportunity to say something nice to someone.  You never miss an opportunity to impart some words of comfort, to show empathy, or even to instruct others.  You go out of your way and you love unselfishly hard.  You are unapologetically affectionate.  You hurt just as hard too.  You feel.  Your emotions tag along on the surface and match your intensity.   

Slide, slide, slippity-slide.

But you have this wonderful smile.  A perfect smile.  It’s a smile that says I’m happy; that says I see you.  A smile that says you make me happy and one that says welcome.  You have these ocean blue eyes that I’m convinced can see into souls.  They may not like what they see, but they look for the best in people.  Those same eyes also pierce hearts and reflect everyday beauty.   

You have passion.  Passion for your husband and daughter.  Passion for your friends and family.  Just being you is enough.  It may not feel like it sometimes.  Your occasional feelings of unworthiness and unbelonging are deceptive lies.  I see your contributions to marriage, to parenthood, to friendship, to family, to society and I appreciate them as do others. 

You’re strange and quirky and cool and nerdy.  You’re fashionable and sexy, fun and adventurous.  You have your mom’s servant spirit and your dad’s boldness.  You love your Jesus and He loves you.  Thank you for your heart and your eyes and your smile and your soul.  Words are not always sufficient at timeline points in our lives, but I know one thing – you are.     

“Listen! red light, yellow light, green-a-light go! Crazy little woman in a one man show”

Now, my wife is well aware of my affinity for 80’s music and I’ve won her over on quite a bit of the stuff I listened to growing up including this English rock band formed in 1977. We’ve seen them twice in concert over the years including two years ago in Denver. So, to celebrate my crazy little woman, here is one our favorites – Def Leppard’s 1987 #2 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 – “Pour Some Sugar on Me”

And here is the 2018 sing-along version with my wife and I on the field at Coors Field in Denver, CO on a beautiful July evening.

Happy birthday to my wife!


the 80’s

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