“I Want to Know What You’re Thinking”

“There are some things you can’t hide” – Information Society

Happy Halloween!

My wife loves Star Trek.  She’s a sci-fi geek in general.  Her biggest passion these days (along with my daughter) though is “Doctor Who,” but when I first met her it was all about Star Trek.  Growing up, I was in a fulfilling and monogamous relationship with Star Wars. When it came to science fiction, nothing was better than the adventures of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy, and the rest of the ragtag group of rebels defending the universe against Vader and the dark side!  But, if you read an earlier post from this month then you saw a couple of the times I dressed up as Darth Vader for Halloween – he might have been bad, but that was/is still the coolest bad guy costume going.  Through the years, I’ve owned multiple light sabers, Star Wars t-shirts, and I collected all of the Star Wars figurines (and some of the spaceships).  When I was growing up, Star Trek was just a little weird.  Star Wars was very cool.


A portion of my collection of Star Wars figures

“If you hide away from me, how can our love grow?”

In time I learned to appreciate and even enjoy Star Trek thanks to the insistence of my wife.  First off it was “Star Trek:  The Next Generation (TNG).”  When my wife and I first started dating, and during our early years of marriage, we would watch reruns of Star Trek TNG every Sunday night.  Rebekah had seen them all (her favorite being an episode called “The Inner Light“).  They were all brand new to me, and I enjoyed those nights with my girl even if I had to share her with a sexy, bold Frenchman named Captain Jean-Luc Picard (played by the brilliant Patrick Stewart).  I would buy my wife Star Trek Christmas ornaments every Christmas season, and even a Jean-Luc action figure one year.   I purchased many of the Federation starships, some of the characters from the show like “Data,” and even cool enemy ships as well like the Klingon “Bird of Prey.”  They still don our Christmas tree to this day along with an assortment of other memories and now some Doctor Who ornaments as well.  TNG originally aired from 1987 through 1994 and spun off four feature films from 1994 – 2002.  We saw all the feature films.


The at-times smug, brave, and assured Captain Picard

My wife will occasionally ask me what I’m thinking.  Often times she’s disappointed because it usually solicits a response like “I’m thinking about my fantasy football team,” or “I’m thinking about the Cubs’ chances this year,” or about OU football or about the last episode of “The Goldbergs.”  I try to avoid saying “nothing,” but mostly I think my answers are a disappointment.  I think when your spouse asks you that particular question you should reply (at least occasionally):  “I’m thinking about you, your radiant beauty, your giving heart, your spiritual awareness, your sexy thighs, kissing your neck, wrapping you in a big ol’ bearhug forever, etc.  Would it sound too contrived if I gave those responses?  I’m not sure.  Probably.  But I do think at least on occasion, my response should be one of the above.  It should be sincere flattery and/or praise without any hint of sarcasm or contrived reply.  Myself, I rarely ask her “what are you thinking,” but maybe I should start so I can get a better understanding of the female psyche at times.  Would she avoid the question or would her responses elicit thoughts of being a mom or work or food or wine?  I don’t know.  But if she did avoid a direct answer I could at least turn to the beloved Star Trek Vulcan named Spock for the proper reply:  “Personally though, I’ve never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question.”

Fascinating.  Speaking of Spock…

“Pure energy”

There are a couple of Star Trek references in 80’s music that any half-knowing Trekkie is aware of.  The most popular ones being the band T’Pau (named after a Vulcan character in the early Star Trek series) and today’s featured song/video by Information Society.  Many of you that are Trekkies have long been aware of this, but the “pure energy” sampling in today’s featured song and video is the actual phrase uttered by Leonard Nimoy playing Spock during a season two episode of the original Star Trek.  The song was a popular synthpop dance song throughout the spring and summer of 1988, and also samples Dr. McCoy in the intro as well.  That’s “Bones” saying “it’s worked so far, but we’re not out yet.”

The band sampling Spock’s “pure energy” and producing a #1 dance hit and a #3 hit on the Billboard Hot originated in Minneapolis in the early 80’s.  With their over-sized colorful instruments, here is Information Society.  They want to know what you’re thinking.  Tell me, “What’s on Your Mind”…

Thanks for reading.  I hope you all live long and prosper.




the 80’s

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